In most cases, employers must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before they can hire a foreign worker. (except for NAFTA or GATS). To obtain a positive LMIA, a Canadian employer must prove that no Canadian or Permanent Resident (PR) worker is available to complete the job in question.

The positive LMIA is provided to the foreign worker to submit with his/her application for a work permit, which is typically issued for one year if granted.

There is NO SECRET FORMULA to OBTAIN a positive LMIA. It is all about following detailed guidelines, paying attention to the particulars, and providing a transplant position.


What Employers need to know:

LMIAs are overseen by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and have an associated application fee of $1000 from Canada’s Government for each temporary foreign worker position applied for. And must be paid by the employer and not the foreign national.

There are shorter processing times of 10 days available for highest-demand, highest-paid and shortest duration occupations, i.e. skill trades within the top 10% of pay bracket and for positions that are less than 120 days.

Important key concepts when applying for an LMIA.

Employers seeking to hire with the support of a LMIA should be able to convey their business challenges and manage a lot of details.

A successful LMIA application is not just a stack of application forms and a few job postings. At Initium Novum Immigration, we help you communicate the correct and detailed information to the program officers.


  • Your recruitment activities
    • Advertising:
  • National | Provincial | Job Bank – for at least 28 days (must remain posted until LMIA is issued).
  • Two other sources of advertising, one of which must target underrepresented groups.
    • Additional Activities:
  • To help temporary foreign workers transition to Permanent Residence (PR) – (such as providing them with permanent job offers)
  • Show that you undertake recruitment efforts to find a Canadian to fill the position.
  • Need to show that the foreign worker will be able to transfer unique skills or expertise to Canadians.
  • Have to show what your plans are to train Canadians not to become reliant upon temporary foreign workers.
  • The show ways in which the Canadian labour market would benefit from hiring temporary foreign workers through the filling of labour shortages, transfer of skills, job creation, etc.